and strategy

Preparation of plan digital marketing

Las estrategias y el contenido vertido en canales digitales deben partir fundamentalmente de una planificación, esto es: 

  • Detailed knowledge of your company, brand, products, strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of the target audience and the competition
  • Development of objectives (positioning, sales, etc.)
  • Elaboration of strategies and actions to reach them.

This brief will provide the basis for creating strategies and content projected from 6 months to a year and will be the guide in which the results are compared month by month. 

Analysis and elaboration of specific solutions

In Agencia Interactúa, the results of each communication action (community management, press) as well as advertising and promotion (Social ads, Google ads, Influencers) are analyzed in such a way as to ensure a balanced variety of content ... 

  • that points to the positioning and sales objectives outlined in the general plan.
  • that optimizes every penny invested to the maximum.

In turn, we evaluate the market and digital trends to offer our clients strategies that will put them at the forefront of their competition. 

Big data

We listen to the universe of digital media, to process, analyze and carry out: 

  • context dashboards
  • competition analysis and digital reputation

We offer a platform of multipurpose BI dashboards that can be connected to various data sources to display KPIs for decision-making adapted to all types of screens. 


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